Wednesday, August 20, 2014

filmsandnewmedia said: HELP!!! I don't know if you can help me, but one of my rats just ate the outer layer of an iron supplement. Not the whole thing, but the casing and then probably some of the inside stuff as well. Do you think I should call a vet? Has something similar ever happened to you? Can you please tag me if you answer publicly so I can see your reply? Thankyou

Hi there, I’m so sorry! I’d not have a clue whether iron overdose is a major problem or not - I’ll post this so hopefully maybe a follower will know!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hey everyone, Mod 2 here. It’s been a while, huh?

Well, since Mod 1 had to step away from the blog, new picture posts are out of the question for me, but I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still here and happy to answer any rat-related questions you might have. Just a small update, I guess.

Hope you’ve all been well. Much love to you and your ratties!

cat-rats-rabbits said: Hi, I was wondering if you know any rat breeders in New Zealand? I'm thinking of getting a fourth baby rat, Thanks .

Mod 2: I’m stationed in California, but a quick google took me to the New Zealand Rat Rescue site. It looks like they have some babies up for adoption right now, in fact! Best of luck with your ratties. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Anonymous said: does this blog update anymore?

Unfortunately unless another person is happy to take over, this blog won’t be updating any more. This post goes into the reasons as to why I stopped running it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

somastainedsmile said: I wasn't aware that Revolution was safe for rats! That's great because now I can stop dosing out Ivermictin!

Yup :) In NZ it’s what we use for rats and it’s really handy - especially if you have large colonies (kitten tube for about 3 rats, cat tube for about 6 rats - one drop on the back of their necks each) and only requires one dose. Just note (for anyone reading) that it cannot be dosed out to pregnant or nursing mothers, and it’s best to wait until babies are around 12 weeks until you dose it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

squeekingsketches said: For the Canadian looking for Revolution: I live in Canada, and had this problem a while back. Some people from a rat forum directed me to this site ( pets-megastore. com. au/revolution-c-165_6_159. html ) where I was able to order the Revolution treatment. =)

Mod 2: Thanks for the info! Hopefully this will help a lot of people. :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anonymous said: do you think that a mite spray for ferrets would also be okay for rats?

I’m not sure. I don’t recommend trying it, your country will definitely have Ivermectin so that’s probably your best shot.

Anonymous said: CRUD! i thought it was just a mix of fighting and overgrooming. what is revolution? just cuz i live in canada, and dont know if they sell it or its called somthing else?

I’m honestly not sure. Your vets will be the place to go for it. Ivermectin is another option but I’m not sure as to how dosaging works, Goosemoose will have some information on there if you search “mites” on their search function.If you think it’s overgrooming from the other boys, a neuter might be the way to go. Neutering will help to reduce hormones and hopefully they’ll calm down.

Anonymous said: my oldest boy (about a year old now) has scabbs all over him and has a thin coat, no one else in his cage (five other boys, including his brother) has this, and four of them have just hit teen age right when this poped up. Is it mites? :S how could he have gotten them if theres no way he could have come in contact with it....

Quite often only one rat out of a group will actually show symptoms of mites, so it’s quite likely they all have mites however he’s the only one that has shown it. I’m not sure what Revolution is called in other countries however apply one drop to the back of each rat’s neck (let it dry for five minutes before they make contact with each other, however it’s not toxic to eat so it’s safe if it goes wrong).

Unfortunately mites transfer really easily. Any bedding bought from a store that hasn’t been frozen for 48 hours could carry mites or if you’ve been anywhere with animals in general you could have carried them. It’s difficult to keep mites from our ratties, some people do Revolution monthly because of this.

There are other possibilities, such as protein scabs, which are caused by the rat having too much protein in their diet (eg. if they’re on a Suebee’s mix there is too much dog food to other things, or the dog food is too high in protein). It could also be if he’s stressed out, so try evaluation how he’s feeling (at his age, hormones are rushing about, so that could be stressing him out) and he’s barbering. However, I’ve noticed that barbering usually happens around their legs rather than their entire body. Another rat could be barbering also.

So basically, I recommend giving every rat a dose of Revolution, just in case, and check out their diet and the behaviour of him and other rats to rule out that there isn’t any other cause. Mites are a real pain, and I’m sorry they seem to be affecting your boy so badly. My Ferbuson reacts really badly to mites, so I can tell if my mischief has them because he becomes covered in scabs awfully quickly.

From Mod 1,

I’m really sorry for not having run this blog steadily. I’ve got a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing or continuing them. I’ve really enjoyed running this blog however I think I’ll officially say that I’m no longer going to run it. However, if someone else is interested in producing graphics, I’ll happily make them an admin and they can continue from the requests given and their own ideas.

I’m currently working on my own art, photography and design ( which is taking up a decent amount of my time and now that I’ve gotten older and am into proper NCEA exams (NZ equivalent of GCSES and A Levels) that’s taken priority and I’m working hard to get into the classes that I need to in order to get into engineering in Uni. (Hey, engineering may open up the opportunity for me to come up with a “small animals” company that I’ve been pondering on?) My <3 boy is also currently dealing with some issues and may need to be PTS soon which is putting a lot of stress on me and the mischief so that’s taken some time out of my day also.

I’m so grateful about the help I’ve been given on this blog and how much others have enjoyed and contributed to it. It’s great to see the rat community together having a laugh about the things we deal with when we’re owned by rats. So thank you, guys and gals and everything in between, for being so amazing with this blog.



Edit: I will however be here to answer any questions you have :)